Established 2020

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Robin Compton (Founder)

Ethnicity :  Anglo Tswana
Age : 21


*Written by Robin Compton

Who am I?

I'm a 21 year old boy from a cosmopolitan family. I moved around between countries and schools throughout my childhood. I was mostly a 60% guy in school and rarely got beyond that.  I grew up with no confidence.

Why did I start Compton's Clinic?

Compton's Clinic exists so that I can help those who were just like me, who are just like me. It's for those who had a hard time for no reason. For those who believe in love. The people who were raised in the mud when shelter was available, this is for you.

What is my vision & mission?

I see a world where weirdos chill with dope people. A world where the fortunate are cool with the unfortunate. Where golden childs' help scapegoats and scape goats help golden childs'. To be better, do better, and overcome their challenges, together. A world of forgiveness for the past and hope for the future. A world where its cool to try, and okay to fail.

An educated cooperative world where people work together to grow each other.

Combining creativity with brilliance without forgetting our legacies 


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Designed by Robin Compton

Those who got raised in the mud when shelter was available, this is for you.

"I want them to feel cooler and stronger than ever before" - Robin

That's what DIYEGAH is all about.